The above plot, updated on January 31, 2015, is the current sunspot cycle provided by the daily sunspot service at

We will re-start the day counter with a target of June 1, 2021.




When will the next sunspot cycle start?

The current sunspot cycle probably peaked in mid-2014 after going through a double-peaked maximum.

Sunspot cycle forecasting is still more of an art than a science, so we will probaby not have a better idea when minimun will happen until some time in 2016.

The previous sunspot minimum was one of the longest since 1903, and caused many to speculate that the sun is pooping-out and we may be in store for another Maunder Minimum.

As you can see from the peaks at 1990, 2000 and ca 2014, it looks like the cycle intensities are declining. Whether we have another sunspot cycle after 2020 is a matter for reasonable speculation!